Hong Kong 100x100 By Michael Wolf

"Hong Kong 100x100" is an intriguing collection of photographs by photographer Michael Wolf. Wolf took 100 pictures of the 100 flats that make up Hong Kong's oldest housing estate. In keeping with the 100 theme, the flats themselves are only 100 square feet. Tiny by western standards, but these people don't seem to care...

[via Gridskipper]


Whateverland Photoblog

Interesting photoblog maintained by Chicago-based photo-enthusiast Archie Florcruz. Very cool photoblog template, I must say. And I like the fact that Archie organizes his pictures by themes, which makes the site easier to navigate.


Fenway Park (5/7)

Final score: Red Sox 10, Orioles 3. Fenway Franks consumed = 3.5


Around The World Photo Journal

This is an excellent photo journal of an around the world trip taken by Hungarian photo enthusiast Ervin Sperla. Sperla's trip spanned 9 countries including India, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Australia, Bolivia, Peru, and Brazil. By the way, great quote on Sperla's site: "Before you start, here is an idea: take your time. in here, there are too many pictures for one short visit. besides, these photos were taken in lands where the saying i heard in indonesia still rings true: "you white people have watches. we have time."