Montego Bay, Jamaica (4/21 - 4/24)

My Cybershot DSC-M2 experiment continued in Montego Bay, Jamaica over the past weekend. It took decent daytime shots; evening snaps were so-so. These pictures were all taken on the grounds of the Half Moon Bay resort. I had hoped to explore outside of the resort gates to get some interesting pictures of the local scene, but the resort staff suggested we stay within the resort gates due to "security" concerns. Not sure if it was a legitimate warning or whether this was some sort of lavish scam to ensure we spent ALL our money at Half Moon. Either way, we ended up staying at the Half Moon the whole time, which wasn't a bad thing since we WERE in Montego Bay after all....


Boston Marathon @ Coolidge Corner

I (wisely) took Marathon Monday off this year. I also received the Sony Cybershot DSC-M2 as an early birthday present so I grabbed it, walked down to Coolidge Corner and took the M2 for a test drive. Here are some of the pictures I took, without fiddling around with any of the camera's settings.


Dharavi, Mumbai Photoblog

Nice little photo-journal style blog entry on Trivial Matters depicting the slums of Dharavi in Mumbai. The first thing that jumped out at me is the presence of some brilliant tones of green and blue, despite the fact the subject matter was very "dark and gloomy" in nature.


Intransient Photo Journal

There is something so peaceful and serene about most of the pictures posted on the Intransient Photo Journal. Many of the images are of lonely, deserted areas. There is at the same time, a very eerie aspect to these images - it's as if all the people in the world suddenly disappeared.