Pictures from Grand Cayman

Some pictures from a recent trip to the Cayman Islands. Used a not-so-good 3.2 megapixel Kodak camera (not mine) to take some of these. The island presented a lot of great photo opps, but I think I need a higher res camera to capture sharper images. So the search continues for a new camera...


Shutterbug photoblog

Amateur photographer and photo enthusiast Nilesh Chaudhary keeps a very fresh photoblog of his travels (mostly throughout South/Southeast Asia). Winner of the 2005 Photobloggies award for Best SouthEast Asian/Indian photo blog, Shutterbug features a variety of high res photos of just about everything Nilesh comes across. The following pics are from a recent trip to Malaysia; great night shot of the Petronas Towers, by the way:


LRA Photography

The Labor Research Association (LRA) maintains a project called LRA Photography, dedicated to photographing the lives and labor of working people around the world. The purpose of LRA Photography is to maintain visual documentation of working people in this time of rapid economic and global change. All photographs for the LRA project are taken by Sam Hollenshead. The following are from the "Portraits" photo essay featured on the LRA Photography homepage:

[LRA Photography]


James Dean exhibit @ Lowe Gallery

The Lowe Gallery in Santa Monica is putting on an exhibit of photos from Life magazine photographer Roy Schatt, who did a photo shoot with James Dean, Mr. American Badass himself. What makes this a great exhibit is the fact that James Dean didn't like photo shoots and was known to refuse them. The 1954 shoot with Schatt was indeed a rare occurrence. The Lowe exhibit showcases Schatt's photos of James Dean as well as a few pics Dean took. The exhibit runs through Feb 12, 2006.

[via Gridskipper]


Gridskipper Photo Contest Results : Jan. Week 2

Urban Travel blog Gridskipper has been conducting monthly photo polls; weekly winners from each month become eligible for the monthly grand prize (one-year membership to Flikr Pro access). Jan week 2 entries include 5 pictures with very different styles. Polling has since closed and the winner this week is the shot of window cleaners in Singapore working on a building with some interesting window paneling. My favorite is the second-place entry, the eerie picture of a NYC building taken from it's base. It is at the same time freaky and stunning, isn't it? By the way, if you're interested in submitting your own pictures, you can do so by posting pics to the Gridskipper photo pool on Flikr.


Lomo SuperSampler Timelapse Camera

These were taken with the Lomo SuperSampler, a 35mm camera that uses light-sensitive panoramic lenses to capture four sequential shots on a single photo. In laymens terms, this camera allows you to take timelapse pictures. A friend of mine (thanks for the pics, Moosh) carried the Lomo around during a trip we had taken a few years ago. Most of the photos came out rather normal, but when he managed to capture anything that was moving at just the right speed, the result were some pretty neat pictures. Like the snap of our friend Ricky, converging with his shadow as he strolls down the street.


National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest 2005 Winners

Results for the 17th annual NatGeo Traveler photo contest are in. Here are your winners: [First Prize] Leng Bai's shot of 80-year old musician Zuozheng He, taken in Yunnan Province, China; [Second Prize] "Blue City" of Jodhpur, India shot by Larry Louie; [Third Prize] Andy Lin captures painter Vidhayak Sansad in Maharashtra, India. The last two photographs are among the seven merit awards given out.

Kids With Cameras

Some years ago, documentary photographer Zana Briski ventured into the red light district of Calcutta and began a groundbreaking project; what would be the foundation for a wonderful organization called Kids With Cameras. The premise was simple: Zana equipped a few of the brothel children (ie: children of brothel workers) with a camera and instructed them to take pictures. Zana's project was captured in the 2004 docu-drama, "Born Into Brothels," a critically acclaimed film that is at the same time heart-breaking and inspiring. Here are some examples of what the world looks like, through the eyes of the children of the Calcutta brothel:


35x24 : A Photo Journal

My cousin maintains a pretty neat photoblog entitled 35x24; a reference (or perhaps a tribute) to the 35mm format. Looks like he's gone digital as of late, judging by the pic of the Nikon D2x he's posted on the site. Congrats cuz, should make for some great pictures. Like the set below from your "Summer Manhattan Project" series. Nice work!

Pics From A Motorola A630

I took this series of pics with the built-in VGA digital camera on my motorola a630. the camera magically added its own funky effects to some of the pictures, as you can see. Not the best of camera phones out there of course, but I seldom use it to take pictures anymore. Nice to know its there if I ever run into, say, Diddy and desperately need to document my encounter with the mogul himself.